A Recent Testimony From a Sister in Christ

Word of Life missionaries in Ukraine recently had the opportunity to hear the testimony of a fellow believer, Svetlana, who has been serving in her city and providing food, water, and aid to those in need. Her incredible story is a stark reminder of the challenges our Ukrainian brothers and sisters have been facing during these grueling months of war. 

Please take a moment to read her story.   

woman with clasped hands
Svetlana working in her neighborhood, sharing with our missionaries

“I am a believer. The Lord put us in this city so that we would not only live for ourselves, but also live for our neighbors. We had an opportunity to leave our city—we had the last petrol can. But, we decided to use it for the glory of God and deliver as much as we could to people in need. When we ran out of petrol, the Lord provided another job for us. The city no longer had water, electricity, gas, or internet services, so we began to deliver tons of water to our neighbors. I have been a social worker for the past 28 years, so I have made it a point to deliver to those who are disabled and in need.

One day we asked the Lord what should we do next: leave or stay? Many people offered their help to take us away. And the Lord through His Word said to us: “Stay, I will keep you safe, I will bless.” How much need we saw during that time! How many trials! But the Lord has always led us with His mighty blessed hand. 

We have a great need for antibiotics. I have been suffering from an ear infection for 15 years—I don’t have an eardrum, I lost it due to constant freezing at work. I often deal with cold water when caring for the elderly. My eardrum has rotted, and I need hospitalization, but now, I don’t have that opportunity. Because we have been unable to work, we have no income. However, the Lord answered our prayers today through these blessed brothers: He provided water, medicine, and food. 

Dear friends, I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are participating in this blessed work, that you are the instruments of Jesus. Together we must do the work of God If we leave today, then who will work? You, our brothers, have come from far away, and we, the locals, who are close by, must help our neighbors. There are many paralyzed people, many children, and many people on crutches who cannot even go to the store to buy bread. Recently, our city was shelled. There are people who are wounded and buildings that have been greatly damaged. The shelling is very close to us—just up the street, a few minutes from us. 

We are thanking the Lord for everything you [WOL missionaries] are doing. Your work is not in vain. The Lord has written everything in the Book of Life! You are not just bearing the name of Jesus, but you are actually doing the work of God, and your faith is confirmed by works. I thank the Lord—and you—for your work and your hands!”

Please, Continue to Pray

  • Pray for Svetlana, her ministry, her family, and their needs
  • Continue to pray for strength for our team in Ukraine
  • Pray for the Ukrainian brothers and sisters serving in their own neighborhoods
  • Pray that aid and provisions would continue to come into Ukraine

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