Hungary Bible Institute Welcomes Students from around the World

In Acts 1:8, Jesus gave His disciples a glimpse of how He was about to use them to establish the early church and advance the gospel globally: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Today, God continues to use His faithful followers to bridge cultures and continents with the hope of Jesus Christ.

One especially exciting avenue for gospel expansion is through the Word of Life Bible Institute program in Tóalmás, Hungary.

About Word of Life Bible Institute in Hungary

This school year marks the twenty-ninth anniversary since the Hungary Bible Institute began. From its inception, the program has been dedicated to helping students deepen their faith and discover God’s vision for their lives. Through Bible classes, ministry teams, and discipleship-centered campus life, students receive training and preparation to help them reach their generation for Christ.

Multicultural Connections

One of the unique benefits of the Hungary Bible Institute is the cultural diversity represented on campus. This year, the 56 students in the program are from 17 different countries around the world!

The multicultural aspect of this Christian college is a major draw for young people in Europe and worldwide. Not only do students have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships with classmates from across the globe, but they also learn how to effectively reach and serve people from linguistic and social backgrounds that are different from their own.  

Student Voices

Here are just a few thoughts from this year’s students on their reasons for coming to the Hungary Bible Institute and what they hope to gain from the program.

“I came to the Bible Institute because I want to learn more about the Word of God, how I can make my life decisions based on that, and [how] to grow in my relationship with God. I want to get more knowledge and wisdom for my next steps in life.”

– Student from England

“I came here because I want to go deep in my faith in the Lord and my knowledge of the Bible. I want to serve God and get to know where He wants me to serve Him in the future.”

– Student from Brazil

“I would like to grow this year and every day [to] become more like God. I want to strengthen my faith and learn so I know what to say when I have a conversation with someone.”

– Student from Portugal

“The part of my life where I really want to grow is in Christ-dependence, depending on God in every small or big decision that I make. I want to know more about the Bible and learn how to glorify God in my career.”

– Student from Canada

Please Pray

  • Pray that God would help each student at the Hungary Bible Institute to grow in their relationship with Jesus throughout the school year.
  • Pray that God would use the evangelism and discipleship training students receive at the Hungary Bible Institute to reach people around the world with the gospel.
  • Pray for the staff and volunteers at Word of Life Hungary, that God would give them encouragement and strength for effective ministry.

Get Involved Today

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Did you know that Word of Life Bible Institute in Hungary is one of nine accredited Bible Institute teaching sites around the world? Click here to learn more!

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