Lives Changed at Word of Life Summer Camps

A crowd of students at an outdoor youth camp with their heads bowed in prayer. Photo by Word of Life on Flickr.

Every summer, Word of Life staff, students, and volunteers around the world host high-energy Christian camps to reach students with the gospel. The team is praising God for the countless lives that were forever changed as a result of camp ministry this year. A total of 12,112 campers and guests attended youth and family camps in the United States alone, with 1,122 making salvation decisions and 5,689 dedicating their lives to God. 

Below is just a glimpse of the impactful ministry that took place at our four US youth camps this summer.

The Coast: Florida Youth Camp

The Word of Life team in Florida is rejoicing over a life-changing season of summer camp ministry. The eight weeks of camp at The Coast are divided into both teen and junior weeks, so children and teens of all ages can experience impactful community and solid biblical teaching.

One mom shared that God used her son’s experience at The Coast to bring her husband closer to God. He had been deeply struggling in his relationship with Jesus, and he broke down when his son came home from camp and told him about the gospel. In the days that followed, he held on to his son’s camp notes and read them again and again. This story demonstrates that camp affects more than just the campers. Entire families are impacted by the hope of Jesus Christ.

The Ranch: New York Children’s Camp

As a camp for elementary students, The Ranch is a place where young children can discover biblical truth in a caring Christian environment. For many campers, their week at The Ranch is the first time they truly understand what it means to place their faith in the Savior.

One Ranch camper shares, “I became saved last year when I came to camp. This year, I learned to trust Jesus no matter where I’m at. I think it’s important for kids to go to camp to learn more about what Jesus is doing in their lives and how He can change people. I want to tell people about Jesus!”

The Ridge: New York Middle School Camp

Middle school can be an emotionally and spiritually challenging time for many students. The Ridge provides a place for these children to find exciting new friendships, encouraging mentors, and insightful wisdom to help them navigate the rocky road between elementary school and high school.

Here are just a couple testimonies from campers at The Ridge:

“I learned that I don’t have to worry about my future because God is in control. Even when we are stranded in this broken world, He is with us. I made a decision at the campfire to throw away the sin, the past, and let God take control.”

“This week, I got to make new friends, meet counselors, and learn to grow in my faith. I disconnected from social media, old friends, and old routines. I learned how to be a godly woman, how to share the gospel, grow in my faith, and have a good quiet time routine.”

The Island: New York Teen Camp

As the oldest Word of Life camp in the US, The Island has an enduring history of God working mightily in young people’s lives – and this year was no different. Many high school students who attended The Island came from places of brokenness and left with the joy of a relationship with Christ.

One counselor shared of two brothers who attended camp together. Neither of them knew Jesus or was interested in knowing Him when they arrived at camp. By Wednesday, one of the brothers’ hearts was softened. After eight years of exploring Christianity and wrestling with what it meant to put his faith in Jesus, he finally fully trusted Christ. The next day, after seeing the difference in his newly saved brother, the unsaved brother said to his counselor, “Whatever happened to my brother, I need that.” The counselor led him to put his faith in Jesus.

Please Pray

  • Praise God for every camper who took the next step in their walk with Jesus this summer! Pray that God would continue to work in their hearts in the weeks and months to come.
  • Pray that God would give wisdom to youth leaders, pastors, and families as they disciple the children and teens who attended camp.
  • Pray that God would continue to work in mighty ways through the upcoming winter camp season.

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