Despite Complications, God is Being Glorified in Ukraine

Things have been growing more and more complicated in Ukraine, but glory be to God, our team continues to be able to serve those in need.

So far, our missionaries have evacuated more than 2,100 people to safety. This week, a key part of the evacuation route the team uses was bombed by the Russian forces, which made it much more complicated to shuttle people out of the area. They are no longer able to enter the city of Chernihiv, but have continued to manage evacuations through various means, which, for safety reasons, we cannot disclose.

The team has also been delivering supplies on a regular basis. There have been hundreds of people lining up at the church in Chernihiv to get provisions, as there is no water, no food, no gas, and no electricity in the city. It’s been an incredibly impactful ministry for the team to serve in this way.

It has officially been over a month since the war began. Today, our team was able to take supplies to the city of Trostyanetsk, which was recently liberated from Russian forces. After 30 days under the control of the oppressors, the town has been completely destroyed. The team brought two tons of food and supplies, but even after distributing everything, there were over 300 people left in line. Tomorrow, the team will make the six-hour drive to bring these citizens the supplies they so desperately need.   

Burned out vehicles on the way to Trostyanetsk

Please, Continue to Pray

  • Pray for our team in Ukraine as they make the long and dangerous journey to Trostyanetsk
  • Pray for the people of Trostyanetsk, as they are desperately in need of food and supplies
  • Pray that supply and evacuation routes would remain open in Ukraine
  • Pray that the war would end and Russian forces would retreat

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