Bermuda Youth Camp Prepares for Impactful Youth Ministry

An ariel photo of a beautiful Island with trees, buildings, and coastal reefs. Photo by Word of Life Bermuda.

Bermuda is made up of a total of 181 islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean, about 650 miles east of the coast of North Carolina. While the main island is only 14 miles long by 1 mile wide, it is home to over 63,00 people. With its breathtaking coral reefs, temperate weather, and tropical landscape, Bermuda is known worldwide as the ideal travel destination.

Beyond the immediate distinctives of this beautiful location, God is doing a great work among the people who call Bermuda home.

Ministry in Bermuda

As one of the most densely populated regions in the world, Bermuda has a significant need for discipleship to build up the church and prepare young people for lives dedicated to knowing and serving Christ.

In 1987, Paul Bubar and Howie Bowen traveled to Bermuda to help a local youth pastor begin Word of Life Bible Clubs in his church. God provided the opportunity to expand the club ministry into two other local churches in Bermuda during the same year. Since that time, Word of Life Bermuda has grown to encompass youth groups, conferences, school events, and more.

Most recently, the Word of Life Bermuda team has had an open door to reach young people at their newest youth camp location.

Grace Island

Situated off the coast of the main island of Bermuda, Grace Island is a beautiful retreat location that has been set apart for ministry since 2000. Word of Life received ownership of the property in 2018 with the commitment to continue Grace Island’s heritage of quality Christian camping.

Over the past several years, Word of Life has implemented several phases of construction to create the best experience possible for guests at Grace Island. Renovation projects have included building cabins to replace tents, enlarging the pavilion, and constructing a 130-foot waterslide.

The team anticipates that the upgrades will be completed by January, and they are excited to see how God will use this property to transform lives for eternity. Word of Life has always been committed to reaching the next generation for Christ, and the Grace Island property is a pivotal part of this mission. As campers, youth groups, and churches come to Grace Island for a fun and memorable getaway, they will have the opportunity to encounter the hope that is only found in Jesus.

Please Pray

  • Pray that God will use the renovated Grace Island property to plant gospel seeds in the hearts of campers and guests.
  • Pray for those involved in the Grace Island construction projects, that God would give the team grace and encouragement as they bring the upgrades to completion.
  • Pray for the Word of Life missionaries faithfully serving in Bermuda and the surrounding areas, that God would use their faithful ministry to reap an eternal harvest.

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