Celebrating What God Did through Reverb – The Best All-Night Evangelistic Event on the Planet! 

Group of happy teens smiling in a hockey arena. Photo by Word of Life Fellowship on Flickr.

What is Reverb? 

Reverb is an insane all-night event with a single goal – to share the gospel with unsaved teenagers! To kick off a night filled with boundless fun and excitement, a dynamic speaker takes the stage to clearly present the gospel followed by an invitation to accept Christ. We make sure the students that make a decision for Christ have someone to talk to immediately following their decision. Between all the incredibly fun activities jam-packed into the night and the intentional time taken to spell out the gospel in a clear and effective way, Reverb is designed to give an opportunity for unsaved kids to hear the gospel and respond.  

Below are two stories that highlight how the Holy Spirit moved in the lives of teens through the gospel of Jesus Christ.   

When the Gospel “Clicks”

“There was a young lady who came to Reverb with her youth group. She had been connected through a program that allows students to get out of school for a short while for religious instruction. When the gospel was presented at Reverb, she raised her hand and went back for counseling. She said she loved God but had never realized she needed to seek forgiveness from God for her sin. As Kris shared the gospel, something “clicked,” and she realized her need to ask for that forgiveness. That night, she asked for forgiveness and trusted Jesus as her Savior.” 

Leaving the Act Behind and Trusting in Jesus 

“A young man named Josh who had just signed up to come to the Bible Institute next year, had been inviting students from his wrestling team to attend Reverb. One of the friends he invited accepted Christ during the event. He admitted that he was tired of the act he was putting on. After watching his Christian friend (Josh) and his strong testimony, he said he was tired of living a lie and accepted Christ. Josh and his elder then had the opportunity to counsel this new believer in Christ.” 

Reverb by the Numbers

San Jose, CA49717
Rochester, NY1,96079
Kalamazoo, MI1,40853
Roanoke, VA1,03553
Springfield, MA95041
Cleveland, OH72036
Binghamton, NY1,75634
Glens Falls, NY1,46969
Hershey, PA1,50483
Providence, RI1,18792
Atlanta, GA99920
Jacksonville, FL59316
Orlando, FL1,37519
Totals: 15,453612

Please Pray

Please join us in praying for every young person who made a life-changing decision this Reverb season. Pray that God would help these new believers to grow in their relationships with Him and that He would equip youth leaders and families across the country to disciple young people in biblical truth.  

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