Light Amidst Darkness: The Two-Year Mark since the Start of the War in Ukraine 

The Remarkable Work God Has Done

Today, as the calendar inches toward the two-year mark of the full-scale war, we are compelled to share the story of Matias Radziwiluk, his family, and his team in Ukraine – a testament to hope amidst the chaos.  

Despite the challenges of the last two years, God, in His infinite wisdom, has allowed Matias and his family to remain in Ukraine. They serve as a beacon of hope through the gospel and are grateful for His unwavering protection and guidance. 

Reflecting on the past few years, Matias shares the remarkable work God has accomplished through their team. Despite the darkness, heartache, and confusion caused by the war, they’ve reached and served over 15,000 people across various regions and ministries through evangelistic efforts – all glory to God!  

Ministry Updates

  • They were able to restart their camp programs. They were unable to have camp ministry on their property due to the lack of a bomb shelter. Yet, God paved the way for camps to continue to run through satellite camps in different cities throughout the summer. Along with the evangelistic ministry of these camps, they have also provided a sense of community and support to many local churches. 

  • By God’s grace, they successfully launched a new year at their Bible Institute, with 15 dedicated students studying God’s Word and preparing for ministry. 

  • In a recent development, God opened doors for a unique ministry endeavor – a musical drama Christmas presentation for children and families named “In Search of Light.” In this presentation, the light of Christ is clearly presented to an audience searching for hope. They embarked on two tours in December, visiting 16 cities in Ukraine and ministering to over 8,000 people. 

    However, the realities of war remain ever-present. Just days ago, as their team headed to a new city for a presentation, Russian missiles targeted the area, causing explosions. Despite the danger, they pressed on with their ministry, reaching a packed house of over 400 people, undeterred by the surrounding realities.  

  • Lastly, one of their greatest ministries has been to stand alongside soldiers and armed forces, offering support in meaningful ways. Their frontline ministry brings them close to the battles, where they provide meals, prayer, friendship, and the hope of the gospel to weary soldiers.  

Matias and his family are deeply grateful for your generosity, letters, and unwavering prayer. They’re committed to proclaiming Christ’s message of hope, no matter the circumstances. 

As they continue this journey, they ask for your continued prayers for the protection of their families, staff, and all of the people of Ukraine. The feeling of wanting to restore normalcy amidst the chaos is strong, yet they hold firm to the belief that everything is under God’s control.

The video below shows a glimpse of their traveling musical, “In Search of Light.”

Please Pray

  • Pray for the protection of the Word of Life team in Ukraine, their families, and all the people of Ukraine. 
  • Pray for continued boldness for the Word of Life team to proclaim the gospel in difficult circumstances.   
  • Pray that God would send more workers into His harvest to reach the people of Ukraine for Christ.  

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